Education Freedom Day

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18 Jan 14

Education Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free Educational Resources. Initiated in 2013 by the same organization behind Software Freedom Day it aims at educating the worldwide public about the benefits of using Free Software and Free Educational Resources in education. It also provides an international day to serve as a platform to raise awareness to existing projects and communities around the world as well a encourage participation in local free software and free educational resources initiatives. The non-profit organization Digital Freedom Foundation coordinates EFD at a global level, providing support, giveaways and a point of collaboration, but volunteer teams around the world organize the local EFD events to impact their own communities.

Education Freedom Day will be hosted annually starting this Saturday, January 18th, 2014. Registration is now open and we will try to provide as much information as possible regarding Free Educational projects worldwide. Of course there is a global map of all the events as we usually do for SFD, HFD and CFD and a wiki with all related resources.

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