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Posted: 2 years 6 months ago

DfID’s Educational Topic Guide has (finally!) been published. It is now available online and attached. This represents a huge amount of work by the guide’s authors and peer reviewers, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to this ambitious piece of work. In addition, many of you were kind enough to discuss aspects of edtech with me last year, for which I am very grateful.

As some of you may know, I have now left the Education Policy Team in...

Posted: 2 years 11 months ago

Here's a look at the recently updated projects.

  • Makerere Mobiclass Project - 3 Day Training in Moodle : There was a three-day general training on Moodle, 4 people from the Mobiclass Project participated as there will also be involved in instructional design for e-learning. More about Makerere Mobiclass Project
  • Open access: Knowledge sharing and sustainable scholarly...
Posted: 3 years 12 hours ago

Six partner organisations with projects in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Italy and Bolivia have joined Spider, the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions in the launch of a truly global new network, named Network for ICT in Education.

May 26, 2014 – Bolivia, Italy, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda.  The six partner organisations are participating in the eLearningAfrica conference in Kampala / Uganda this week and will present an exhibition stand where results from the...

Posted: 3 years 2 weeks ago


The Open University of Tanzania operates in an open and distance learning (ODL) mode where e-learning practices embraced. One of the challenges that the institution has been facing is that only a handful of both the educational technologists and academic staff are equipped with online course development skills, especially in the area of multimedia development. 

Capacity building workshops for the training of the trainer funded by Spider were...

Posted: 3 years 2 weeks ago

Open Learning Exchange has been developing open content for environment and public health in schools. The purpose of this project is to support the building of an online and offline library that improve access to digital open content and the process of teaching and learning new concepts.

a) What are encountered challenges?

The bigest challenge was the delay caused by the re-registration process of the project. Despite the long administrative process; we have managed to...

Posted: 3 years 2 weeks ago

The introduction of MobiClass provides a means of ensuring that the lecturers are able to frequently interact with their students appropriately, timely, anytime and anywhere.

Access to information has grown exponentially and there has been a proliferation of many digital technologies like computers, internet, telephonies etc. This accelerated acquisition and use of mobile devices has crisscrossed many areas and disciplines that inevitably a need for such a project would naturally be...

Posted: 3 years 2 weeks ago

ITIDO is a Social Enterprise (non-profit) company registered on 2008 under the laws of Tanzania with the aim of to provide innovative solutions to individuals and organizations desiring to enhance performance by effectively combining technology, people and processes.

Invention and Technological Ideas Development Organization (ITIDO) in collaboration with Tanzania Library Services Board,School of Library Archives and Documentation Studies (SLADS) and Electronic Information for...

Posted: 3 years 2 weeks ago

Open access is a powerful solution to the barriers that researchers in developing and transition countries face.

"A lot of research has been undertaken over the years in Uganda and many seeming breakthroughs arrived at, however these have not been disseminated and subsequently have not added value to the lives of Ugandans,” said Dr. J. C. Muyingo, Minister of State-Higher Education in Uganda.

This revealing statement was made at the first very national open...

Posted: 3 years 1 month ago

Representing students of three educational units share their experiences and advice about the worthy use of ICT.

The La Paz Foundation, carrying a project with students of three educational units in La Paz Bolivia. Organized a World Café roundtable to discuss ICT in education with 36 teenagers from 16 to 19 years of the last two courses of high school. In a morning filled with games, food, and more important an...

Posted: 3 years 1 month ago

The 2014 Open Education Trend Report describes the trends relating to open and online education in the Netherlands and abroad, written from within the context of Dutch higher education.

The Trend Report contains the following articles and intermezzi:

  • Postgraduate open and online higher education: the perspective of participants, employers, training institutes and education professionals (by Nicolai van der Woert, Ria van ’t Klooster, Mark Visser and Jody Hoekstra)
  • ...